Thursday, February 27, 2014

St. Baldrick's - My 3 year Anniversary!

My First Head Shaving in 2011!
On October 21, 2011, I shaved my head for St. Baldrick's for the first time. (You can see the results of that here.) This October, I will be shaving again for the three-year anniversary of that date. As such, my goal will be to raise three times my original goal! Finally, after all this time, and some great hair-do's in between, my hair is long enough to donate and shave again. Please join me in the battle against children's cancers.

My donation page for the $3000, 3-year anniversary is:

You can also check out my post from the original event:
Getting a Mohawk in Costa Rica in March (ish?) of 2012

See videos of the ponytails being cut for donations here:

I hope you'll help me reach my goal of $3000 by October 26 - to celebrate 3 years since my first head shave AND three years since we embarked on our adventure to South America.

Awesome side-shave from August 2012, in Peru on the Jungle Trail


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