Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pre-Vacation Post!

I've traded my wedding ring for my travel ring - a simple gold band - so you know things are serious!  Our bags are packed, the apartment is all tidied up.  We've made arrangements for our guard-snake to be watered regularly, so everything will be under his care while we're away (thanks Mopsy)!

I've only packed one backpack for our not-quite-two-week trip.  Even though it's not a lot, it still feels weird since it will be nearly 3 times as many things as last time I was in El Salvador!  I'm bringing a pair of shorts, a skirt, two dresses, and 5 tank tops.  (The forecast calls for daily highs in the 90s, so I will also bring one light sweater for the evenings and thats it.)  I'm also bringing a few work out outfits and my yoga mat - I think there's a good chance there will be some place for me to practice there, and if not, I can always do my own thing.  Matt has packed two pairs of travel pants (aka pants withe zip-off long legs), three shirts, and his icebreaker sweater.  Obviously, we're also bringing bathing suits and our brazilian cangas (beach sheets).

I'm super excited about our first international adventure in over a year!  Blogposts and pictures to follow, for sure!  Hasta luego, amigos!

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