Sunday, February 9, 2014

Some food adventures!

Well, it was another exciting day for the Shapiro Adventures.  Besides taking a yoga class at La Guitarra Hotel/Bar, we did more of the same hammocking, tanning, swimming, reading, and resting.

The lady who cooks pupusas on the street outside our hostel for 50 cents must have taken the night off, so we had to walk ALL THE WAY to the Calle Peatonal, about 150 yards away, for pupusas at an actual "restaurant", more like a food stand.  Here is Matt enjoying some pupusas:

On the way home, I decided to get an empanada from the woman who cooks them over a fire made in a trash can also just outside our hotel.  Here is a picture of me and the cocinera:

She cooks the corn over that fire all day long, then fries the dough made from corn filled beans and vegetables in oil by night.  Yum!  Let's be honest, you can't go wrong with food cooked over an flaming trash can, amiright?

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