About Us

Where to begin? It can be difficult to encapsulate two people as unique as ourselves into a brief webpage. Sarah and Matt met while undergraduates at UCLA (Go Bruins!). Sarah has a Masters Degree in Conducting, also from UCLA. She went on to utilize that degree as a high school choir teacher prior to her retirement in 2010. In her retirement she has enjoyed babysitting neighborhood children as well as doing some SAT tutoring. Finally a way to put that 800 in the math section to work! Matt is a financial planner. After taking Spanish in school for five or six years and only using it for a short weekend in Rosarito, this seemed like a much better use of all those hours spent writing up conjugation tables. Both Sarah and Matt are lovers of food, Sarah seems to enjoy the baking/cooking while Matt enjoys the eating thereof. We are looking forward to posting our experiences of our travels for all to read, hopefully we won't focus too much on the food ;-). It is our intention to eat at least one plato tipico in each area we go to, as well as try the local beer/liquor. If there's anything you, the reader, wants us to check out while we are on our travels, drop us a comment below and we'll do our best to post relevant feedback.