Sunday, February 3, 2013

Scottsdale, AZ....USA

Hello from Arizona! As some of you know, we have been traveling a bit around our home country. After arriving back in LA and catching up with people, we left on the 22nd of January and headed north. Instead of using public transportation as has been our modus operandi for the past 14 months or so, we took Sarah's vehicle and had to quickly re-learn how to drive on the streets of America. We headed up through Santa Barbara and spent a few nights in Santa Cruz. We were lucky enough to sit in on a university course about South American civilization so we would learn about what we visited. Then we continued our northward trajectory to San Francisco, arguably the greatest city on Earth. Tasty food, expensive housing, and hipsters awaited us. Someone tried to convince me to buy a pair of Lululemon pants, however we are on a strict budget and I successfully resisted. We also visited some important Bay Area landmarks like the Golden Gate bridge, the East Bay Vivarium, and of course, Hobee's. The East Bay Vivarium was just as we remembered, full of exotic reptiles and amphibians. We are in the market for a new tank for our pet snake, and once we find a place to live permanently we will probably buy a new one from there. We also spent a night in the south peninsula near my primordial homeland. Burritos were eaten, internet speeds discussed, etc, etc. After a delicious breakfast at Google we hit the road for Scottsdale, Arizona.

About a month after Sarah and I had left the country my parents sold their home in the Bay Area in search of warmer weather and more venemous wild animals. They decided on the land of gila monsters and rattlesnakes, Scottsdale, Arizona. So far, the only venemous reptiles we have seen were in the Phoenix zoo yesterday, although we did see a cool blue lizard while hiking a few days ago. My parents keep telling us about the javelinas, bobcats, and other wildlife in the neighborhood, but they must all be in hibernation at the moment. Other than that, the house is very nice and as you might expect we have been providing around the clock tech support for their computing and technology needs. At the moment we are planning to head out of Scottsdale on Tuesday and head east. We will be spending a few nights in Texas, in Austin and Houston before arriving in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. After that we are hoping to spend a week in Memphis and then head back. Thanks for reading and Go Niners!!