Our Gear

Ipad 2
Electricity Converter/Transformer
Some sort of quad band GSM phone that is very cheap (planning to buy a SIM in every country, please advise on which phone you would recommend, thinking about an old school Nokia)- still not yet purchased
1 Old Digital Camera

Matt's Clothing
1 Scottevest Essential Travel Jacket
2 Moisture Wicking short sleve shirts
2 Moisture Wicking long sleeve shirt
2 Pairs Cargo Pants with detachable lower legs
3 Pairs Boxer shorts with hidden Passport pocket
1 Pair Five Finger Shoes
1 Icebreaker 260 Hooded Zip-up Sweatshirt
1 Tilley Air-Flow Hat
1 Bug Repellent Bandana
1 Bathing Suit

Sarah's Clothing
1 Under Armour Golf Lightweight Rain Jacket
1 tank top
1 icebreaker moisture wicking/odor control sleeveless shirt
2 short sleeve moisture wicking/odor control shirt
1 Under Armour long sleeve hot/cold shirt
1 Pairs Cargo Pants with detachable lower legs
1 Icebreaker 200-weight travel skirt
4 Pairs UA mesh boy short underwear (I found the ex-oficio underwear wasn't so much anti-odor as odor changing...not so good!)
3 Sports Bras
1 Pair Five Finger Shoes
1 Icebreaker 260 Hooded Zip-up Sweatshirt
1 Narrow brimmed hat
1 Bug Repellent Bandana
1 Bikini

General Items
1 Osprey Farpoint 55 with day pack
1 Marmot 13 liter backpack
1 Gerber Pocketknife
1 Leatherman
Some duct tape
1 Fenix flashlight
Laundry soap tabs
Purell Style Hand Sanitizer
1 Compass
1 Moleskin travel notebook (has our itinerary handwritten)
1 Space Pen
1 Thermolite reactor 14 degree sleeping bag liner
1 Coolmax adaptor sleeping bag liner
1 SteriPEN Traveler with Lithium AA batteries
1 Compact First Aid Kit
1 Diva Cup
1 Go Girl Urinary Device
1 Double bed style hanging mosquito net
2 Inflatable pillows
1 lightweight blanket
1 sink stopper
1 very conpact clothesline
Soap, deoderant, medications, contact lenses/glasses/fluid

Any insight into what type of rugged, cheap cell phone would be greatly appreciated.