Tuesday, July 4, 2023


The following post was written by our Adventure Associate, with only the barest amount of editing for fact checking and legibility. Enjoy!


And on our second day at Sevilla, my mom said we were going to a flamenco show but at that moment, I thought I miss placed the G and the C for the flamingo when it was actually a flamenco I miss placed it with flamingo*. And before that we went to the flamenco museum. And it even allowed us to go into the dressing room and see you all of the dresses and earrings that the dancers use.(it was just a fake dressing room.) and they had like screen things that show dances of flamenco dancers. and then we went to story up, and there was little machines that taught us how to twirl, even though it was just a little screen. and then we went into a special room, where there was a wooden box with a crank that had two little wooden feet on it to and then when you put it on his particular rhythm you just turn the crank, and it makes the wooden flamenco shoes dance. then we went back to where we enter the museum and then we got the best seats for the flamenco dancer show. and it was so fun there was even human singers**. I’ve never^ gone to a show with human singers besides my mom’s musicals. and it wasn’t on speaker so unlike LA at my school. and my mom was so nice she bought me my own pair of castanets. They’re like little things that you very gently^^ slap together and make sound they use that in the show so that’s why I wanted to get them. then after the show my mom said hey animal do you want to take a flamenco dance class? And I said yes so today which is 7\4\23 it was amazing  but after my heels got so red from the flamenco shoes because it was my first time, actually wearing high heels, even though they were like half high heels***. I was like flopping around in the shoes, even while I was dancing.(not purposely). and I love the new word called, “ole!” which means like, “wow amazing great good”. and professional flamenco dancers use it while they’re dancing. I think the clothes they are wearing are very very fun. Everybody in the world should hear the word flamenco or, if they are lucky, GO SEE A SHOW!

Love, Animal

*She was actually very disappointed it wasn’t an animal show, but when she realized it was dancing, she was excited again.

**and a guitar player

^not exactly factual but keeping for posterity

^^Animal and I have different definitions of the word “gentle”

***She made an excellent joke about them being “reverse Luboutons” as they were red with black bottoms

See our dance video here!

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