Saturday, March 29, 2014

Like so many New Year's resolutions...

... sad to say that, this one, too, seems to have been abandoned in March.  But fear not, dear readers, I will try to pick up that torch once again!

Let me regale you with tales of March!

After returning from our wonderful vacation, it was back to the grindstone for both Shapiro Adventurers.  It's always hard to get back to "work" after the adventuring spirit has called.  I sang in some concerts with my Scottsdale Chorus, which were terribly fun to sing.  (Side note, our regional competition is coming up at the end of April.  I have high hopes for our success!)  My aunt Diane was in town with her husband Earl to do some serious square dancing, so we got to meet up for brunch at a delightful spot called Butters.  I'd never been there before, however, they had gluten-free (and regular!) pancakes, which Aunt Di requires, so we gave them a shot and it was fantastic!  I will definitely be heading back at some point.  I also got to check out the Arizona Opera with Saralyn, my mopsy-in-law, and we had a delightful afternoon seeing La Traviata.  We also celebrated poppers-in-laws birthday a little early, since Matt and I were out of town for his real birthday!


Auntie Di and I!
We went out of town for the nuptials of my college roommate, Irina.  She had a lovely wedding in Palo Alto and I had a lot of fun being a bridesmaid!  She's posted tons of pictures on facebook already, and there are a lot of great shots.  We wish a lifetime of happiness for #andrina!

Bridesmaids on a Bus!

Me and the Blushing Bride
Purim was in middle March and I had a Hamentaschen Party at our apartment.  A very assorted group of friends came over to help make some very avante garde and some more traditional cookies - we had fun and ate a ton!  Last weekend, the Shapiro Adventures became time travelers!!  We went to our very first Renaissance Faire.  We ate turkey legs and chocolate, watched some Jousting and Whip Cracking, and overall had a merry time.  We also went to an Arizona UCLA Alumni gathering to watch the Bruins in March Madness in the second round.  The victory was celebrated.  We were saddened when we lost to Florida this week, but remain proud of our Bruins for their valiant effort!
Hamentaschen is serious business

Sweet Ads at the Ren Faire!
That brings us up to date, I believe.  Besides working today, my big plans for this weekend are NOTHING!!  It's nice to take a day and make no plans now and again.  Of course, you know me, I am always making plans and we have lots of fun things to look forward to in April.  Besides the Sweet Adeline's regional competition late April that I mentioned earlier, we will be adventuring to Los Angeles for Passover in mid-April.  Before that, my Dad is coming to visit us here in Scotts-y-dale-y, and will be seeing our apartment for the first time!  I've ordered lots of dutch deliciousness to enjoy in the meantime and we're looking forward to seeing our Chandler-cousins as well.

I do promise to myself to try and write more often - thanks for reading!

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