Tuesday, July 17, 2012


It's very difficult transitioning back into the migratory patterns of a beachgoer. We wake up, eat the delicious breakfast our bed and breakfast provides, then meander to a hammock. Perhaps an afternoon trip to buy lunch, then back to the beach and later the hammock again We are staying in Máncora, a small beach town in northern Peru on the Panamerica Highway. The bulk of the residents live in mud/bamboo huts, and the poverty is quite evident. That said, everybody is very friendly and there is a definite small town feeling. Everybody seems to know everybody else, despite many new hotels being built. It's quite an interesting ecosystem with the ocean on one side and a mountainous desert less than a mile inland. At least the ocean provides plenty of delicious seafood, and the beef hearts we had a few days ago were delicious as well. We have also noticed that Peruvian food can be notably spicier than Ecuadorian food, and spicy peppers in the local mercado are actually spicy! Anyways, we are going to hang out in our hammocks for another few days, then continue south to Piura. We will probably visit another beach farther south in case anyone wants to visit!

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