Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ecuador by the Numbers

Good morning loyal readers! We got into Peru very early this morning, and after the standard immigration "procedures" we arrived at Mancora beach at about 4:30 this morning. Gustavo, the friendly tuk-tuk driver offered to give us a tour of all the hostels in town and seemed pretty knowledgeable. We ended up deciding on the first one he showed us despite our "bungalow" not having a key. The owner said that the last tourist lost it and at normal check in time we will switch to a room with a key(should be in about three hours, so we will find out). In the meantime, here are the numbers for Ecuador. We were in the country for a total of 46 days, withdrew $1860 from the ATM, and left the country with $72 after entering with $118. We also spent $2161 when our parents visited for five days and we went to the Galapagos. So, during the 41 days that we were travelling without the loving assistance of our families, we averaged $46.49 per day, however the five days with our parents averaged $432 per day, and when that gets averaged across the entire 46 days we are looking at an average daily spend of $88.41!!! At the end of the day, visiting the Galapagos was well worth it, and it was good to see some people from back home, and who can put a price on blue-footed boobies?

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