Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Huanchaco - Lima

Hello again from the sandy shores of Huanchaco. We have booked our tickets for Lima and will be departing this evening for a safe, secure trip to Lima arriving at about 6:30 AM tomorrow. Sunday we took a little day trip to the nearby town of Trujillo to see the new Batman movie, after eating some Peruvian hamburgers at Bembos (a local fast food variant). Other than that we have been hanging out on the beach, eating a lot of local fruits and vegetables as well as some delicious Peruvian chocolate. We have been staying at a hotel called Hostal Sudamerica which has allowed us to partake of a lot of local Peruvian fare. Every night a local lady comes over and cooks dinner for the residents. We have had chicken, fish, steak, GOAT, as well as numerous other foods. All have been delicious. Additionally, the grilled cow hearts available on the street at night help to fulfill our gastronomical desires. Anyways, we are off to Lima, and will get in touch after we arrive.

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