Friday, July 27, 2012

Huanchaco, Chan Chan, and the Olympics!!

Hello friends and readers! I greet you from the beach town of Huanchaco, located just 12 km away from Trujillo, the third largest city in Peru, where we are currently watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony, here known as Ceremonia de Inaugaracion. We arrived here on Tuesday morning after taking a double decker night bus from Mancora. It is usually overcast and cool in the morning and sunny and hot in the afternoons. We've been enjoying the weather and staying at a hostel right on the malecon where we eat a "family dinner" each night.

Yesterday, we went to the Chimu ruins of Chan Chan, a pre-Incan city. The ticket included entry to two other huacas, or temples, so we hit up all three locations and the museum. The reliefs etched into the sides of the walls are quite incredible. There has been a lot of damage to the ruins from rain, but they are trying to renovate and reconstruct the sites. The palace was simply huge and it must have been an amazing edifice in it's time.

Now, we are sitting with quite an international group, watching the opening ceremonies with Spanish Commentary! This weekend is sure to be loads of fun as tomorrow is Peru's Independance day! There are sure to be many parties and fireworks. As always, we'll keep you posted! Thanks for reading!

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