Monday, November 14, 2011

Raining in Mazatlán

We picked a good day to leave Mazatlán. As we were walking to the mercado this morning it started raining. After picking up some supplies and eating delicious marlin we headed home and the rain was really coming down. Since we last wrote, we saw the Venados game. We left during the seventh inning and the Venados were winning 11-3. Sarah was given a foul ball! A word on taxis in Mexico, the taxi drivers basically make up the prices as they go along, simply saying, "my, that's expensive" in Spanish knocked 20% off the price before we even started to negotiate our fare home. Two days ago we returned to our cabeza taco stand for some more delicious cabeza tacos at a very affordable 45¢ each or so. We saw they were making what appeared to be baked potatos, and asked what they were. Turned out they were delicious potatoes that they grill in aluminum, then blend up the potato meat with some butter or cream, then put in some carne asada, many cheeses, onions, pico de gallo, and some frijoles. Probably the best stuffed baked potato ever. In case you ever come to Mazatlán, it's a little stand on Miguel Aleman street about one kilometer from the malecon. Yeterday we went to a seafood place for an early dinner and had some crab Ceviche and camarones a la diabla. Now we have a few hours to kill until our bus leaves around 11:00 tonight, then we have another bus to catch in Puerto Vallarta which will take us to Melaque. If anyone wants to visit, it's a short ride from the airport in Manzanillo!

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