Saturday, November 19, 2011


Still here in Melaque. Today we took a walk down the beach to a neighboring small town, Barra de Navidad. Although Barra looked like a cute little town, I think we like Melaque more. Melaque is a bit larger, with about 12,000 residents, and for some reason many of the beachfront buildings in Barra seemed to have recently fallen apart, either due to a tsunami or some sort of strange weather. It is odd that this doesn't seem to be happening in Melaque since it was only a few mile walk down the beach. Anyway, we wandered around Barra for a little bit, had some lunch, then caught the bus back to Melaque. On the way home, we decided we deserved some ice cream after our strenuous walk, which we enjoyed on our balcony overlooking the ocean. Now's the time to come visit us here, we head to Zihuatanejo on Tuesday! The picture is of the local candy shop here in Melaque, around the corner from our bungalow.

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