Friday, November 11, 2011

More Mazatlán

So, it turns out the Zona Dorada wasn't that exciting. Lots of overpriced hotels and tourists staying there. We were both surprised by the number of Canadians. Apparently a lot of Canadians spend their winters in Mazatlán to escape the cold. Two days ago we went on a long walk around the city. There is a park in Mazatlán which has some jaguars and deer(in cages). Mazatlán is named after its deer. We also discovered the beisbol stadium where the Mazatlán Venados (Deer) play ball. We are going to see them play this afternoon. We escaped the heat for a little bit in the local McDonald's, easily the nicest McDonald's we have ever been to. Yesterday we took it easy on the beach, and I caught a fish! Too bad our hotel room doesn't have a kitchen, otherwise we would have had a fresh dinner, instead I threw it back into the ocean. We just booked our bus tickets for the next leg of our journey, we leave for Melaque on Monday night, going by way of Puerto Vallarta. Hopefully the first bus is on time as we only have a 16 minute window to get to the next bus, otherwise we will be spending some time in Puerto Vallarta. Hopefully we will be able to snag a bungalow on the cheap in Melaque and sit on the beach eating burritos all day. The adventure continues!

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