Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from Zihuatanejo!

Here are some fresh chickens, waiting to be purchased from the market here in Zihuatanejo. We arrived very early this morning and managed to wander to the beach in time for sunrise. We walked around in the Centro for a while talking to different people in hotels trying to get a decent room at an affordable price. We settled on a place about a block from the mercado and fifteen minutes from the beach walking. After settling in and take a brief siesta, we started to explore. Zihuatanejo really has four major beaches, two of which are within easy walking distance of our hotel. We went to these two beaches after some delicious tacos and a bottle of a soda I had never heard of before called Yoli. It looks like the other two beaches are nicer, but require either about an hour and half walk out to the freeway and back around, or using a bus. Another option may be to hire a boat to take us out there(and hopefully remember to retrieve us at the end of the day). We will be exploring those beaches on Friday most likely. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and as of yet we have not seen any signs of anything happening in Zihuatanejo in that regard. There doesn't appear to be a large expat community here. However, tomorrow we are going to venture to nearby Ixtapa, which has more of a touristy feel, and perhaps we can find some turkey dinner. If not, we will just eat some of the chickens pictured above. Happy Thanksgiving all!!

We are very thankful to be on our adventure and for all our friends and family who are supporting us throughout. If you want to see more, be sure to check out our Facebook page which has many more photographs.