Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Week 4, belated

Sorry for the delay of game, friends.  I got a little busy this weekend.

The week itself was rather plain, just work and workouts.  On Friday, we went to my friend, Jen's, house for a game night.  Another friend from Chorus, Meredith, came, too.  We played a spy game (sorry, I can't remember the name!), where two people were secretly spies and had to "fail" the missions while not being discovered.  Sort of like the old camp game "Mafia".  We then played "Cards Against Humanity", possibly my new favorite game (small-pox blankets, anyone?).  I was in the lead for a while, but Jacob pulled ahead.  We proved that we are all terrible people.  We ended the night with a very complex Zombie game.  We all died.  It was great fun!

On Saturday, after work, I met with a different Scottsdale Chorus member to talk about our internal newsletter, of which I am now the "assistant editor".  Basically, I've been teaching myself HTML and using it to see if we might now make our newsletter through our members-only website as opposed to using a separate publishing program.  It's been fun!  But now, Matt wants me to learn how to program Android... any one have knowledge about a good place to start?!

Sunday, I did a mini-workout and the rewarded myself with more hagelslaag!  Matt had to work a few hours while there was a webinar, but afterwards, we went to the home of one of his coworkers to watch THE ROYAL RUMBLE!  I'd never seen this event before,  but I am sure glad I did this time!  It's a WWE wrestling match with 30 players, with a new opponent entering every 90 seconds!  It was very dramatic and full of all the terrible acting you expect.  Our friends had made a drinking game for the event where each of us "took" one of the first four wrestlers that entered.  If that wrestler was eliminated - drink.  Then you get the next wrester to enter.  If you're wrestler eliminated someone - give two drinks.  There were also drinks for matching costumes, patriotic costumes, ridiculous modes of entry, and other typical-wrestling concepts.  We all got very happy.

Anyway, another week - no big plans that I know of!  I am just super excited and looking forward to our trip to El Salvador in just over a week!  Thanks for reading.

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