Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Resolution: Bring Back the Blog!

Hello Blog-o-sphere and Happy New Year!

While 2013 may not have been quite as "exciting" as our year (and a few months) of travel was, it was still an interesting year. Last October, as we commemorated the 2 years that have passed since we first embarked on Shapiro Adventures, I decided to re-read our entire travel blog. I so enjoyed reliving the memories, that I have decided to take up blogging again. It is my resolution to try to write at least once a week, maybe more, so in a year I can remind myself of the wonderful things I've done and thoughts I've thunk during the year. (Even if I'm the only one who ever reads them - in which case: Happy New Year 2015 Future-Me!)

So to kick off the New Year of Adventuring, I'd like to recap 2013: This time last year, we were celebrating the New Year in Rio de Janeiro!
 Shortly thereafter we returned the good ol' USA, but adventures continued!
 We took a road trip that went from the Bay area (to see friends), LA (friends and family), Arizona (family), Texas (friends and family), New Orleans for Mardi Gras (and a family visit), Memphis (more fun family), and back through Dallas, Texas for a reptile show!

Matt got a job with LearnVest and we soon moved to Scottsdale, AZ so he could open their call center. (And subsequently, had to cut his long, luscious locks!)

We celebrated Matt's 29th here in Scottsdale, our 3rd Anniversary on the Salt River, and my birthday by moving into a new apartment! (and now that we've lived here for 4 months, it's ALMOST entirely unpacked!)

We had some fun adventures, which included me going on "The Price is Right" with my brother Jeremy (we did win some bikes and a coffee machine, which Jeremy swears is the best he's ever owned!), going on a hot air balloon (and Jeremy skydived out the side!), getting in shape and looking great for Halloween (I went as a Vulcan science officer), and going to Seattle for a Cousin's reunion! I also joined the wonderful Scottsdale Chorus and competed on the international stage in Hawaii, where we won second place!

Now that I reminisce over the past year, I wish I had been better at documenting the good times we had. I hope that this post will indeed launch me into a wonderful new year, where I can write about, and remember, all the great things yet to come. And indeed, there are some great things to look forward to: Matt and I will be vacationing in El Salvador in February, there are regional chorus competitions in May, we are attending two weddings, and that's all just in the first half of the year!

So, stay tuned as the NEW Shapiro Adventures launches in 2014!


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