Sunday, June 17, 2012

Playa Canoa

After relaxing in Baños we decided to relax on the beach. This decision is based on the fact that almost every Ecuadorian we meet tells us of the three region of Ecuador, the coast, the mountains, and the east. All that was left for us was the beach. So we left Baños and headed for Ambato. In Ambato we caught another bus to the inter-provincial terminal and bought two tickets to Manta. We had about nine hours to kill so we got on a different bus and went to downtown Ambato. We met a nice half-Peruvian, half-Alaskan who told us that he liked South America more than Alaska, and then we found a small coffee shop to hang out, watch some tv, and eat lunch. We got back on a bus to return to the bus station and got on our long bus ride to Manta. The next morning, we arrived in Manta around 6:00 A.M. And promptly got on a bus to Bahía which was a two or three hour jaunt. In Bahía we got on a bus across the bridge to Canoa, about an hour ride, and finally made it. We have been hanging out on the beach, eating delicious coastal food (lobster, shrimp, conch, crab, squid, fish, rice, vegetables) and getting used to hammocks again. Tomorrow night we will most likely be heading back to Quito for some touristy fun until our families arrive to visit.

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