Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chiva to the Volcano!

¡Buenas tardes followers of the Shapiroadventures.com team! Last night we took a chiva bus to the top of a local mountain for some amazing views. The plan was originally to look at the neighboring volcano, currently in eruption mode. However, we were basically situated in a giant cloud, and could only see the city. We did have an awesome view of the city at night and the spires of the church are lit up. We will upload photos when we get somewhere with decent internet. By the way, a chiva bus is basically a disco on wheels in bus form, so we managed to drink 3 liters of beer or so, as well as some canelazo at the top of the mountain.

Tomorrow we head into the Amazon. We have signed up for a four day excursion where we will be lead by natives through various hunting, hiking, and anaconda-running-away-from activities. We will update you when we escape the teeth of the mighty amazonian pirahnas, caimans, poisonous snakes, and other goodies. If you don't hear from us by June 12th or so, please contact the US embassy in Quito to arrange a search party. ¡Hasta luego!

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