Wednesday, May 2, 2012


We are in Salento, Colombia, in the coffee zone, doing a little coffee tasting and hiking. Yesterday we took a four and a half hour hike up into the mountains. It started out with a 40 minute jeep ride to the beginning of the trail, where there is also a trout farm. Lucky for us it was raining and very muddy so the hike was extra-fun. After about three hours of hiking and criss-crossing the river on some very sturdy-looking (sarcasm...) bridges, we made it to La Montaña. We had some apples and started heading down. Unfortunately it was quite cloudy, and this was our view.

Coming down the hill was a bit easier and we made it down in about 90 mins. We caught a jeep back to town and had a delicious dinner of soup, beans, rice, fried banana, fried corn pastry, salad, raw banana, stewed veggies, trout, and fruit juice. All that for a mere $6000. This morning we got up and decided to test out some of the local coffees, they are tasty, but no match for Mañana Madera yet. This afternoon we head to Armenia, a slightly larger city to hop onto the night bus to Bogotá. I leave with a picture of a muddy Shapiroadventurer.

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