Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Brief Update - Una Actualizacionita

Yesterday we arrived in Popayan safely, after relaxing for a few days in Cali. Since we last wrote we took a few days off from the heavy tourism and relaxed in local coffee shops. On Thursday night we met up with a group of local and international couchsurfers for a language exchange. Wr had a lot of fun practicing our English/Spanish/Japanese, and then we went to a salsa club to practice our new moves. Yesterday we caught the bus to UNESCO's first ever city of gastronomy and kicked off our arrival with 20 empanadas, which were all delicious. I got a drink called kumis, which is sort of a sour milk/yogurt type of beverage. Sarah, being much less food adventurous, had a Sprite. We also had this stuff called gelatina on the way home which is kind of a tasteless marshmellow, and melcocha, which is peanut butter taffy. Later on we had an oblea as a snack. Today we wil be hunting for ternero, a soup made of cow fetus.

Ayer llegamos a Popayán salvamente, despues de relajar por unos días en Calí. Desde la ultima vez que escribimos, no hemos hecho muchas cosas muy turisticas, relajamos en unos cafes. El jueves por la noche asistimos a un intercambio de lenguas con un grupo de couchsurfers locales e internacionales. Nos divertimos mucho practicar nuesto Ingles/Español/Japones, y despues fuimos a una salsateca para practicar nuestras habilidades nuevas. Ayer subimos al bus a la primera ciudad de la gastronomia por UNESCO y celebramos nuestra llegada con 20 empanadas, todas fueron muy ricas. Tomé una bebida que se llama kumis, que es un tipo de leche amarga/yogurt. Sarah, sin sentido de aventura gastronomica, tomó un Sprite. También comimos gelatina por el camino a la casa y melcocha. Más despues compartimos una oblea como una merienda. How vamos a buscar ternero.

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  1. If I keep reading enough, I might actually learn some Spanish!. Very well done. I hope you exercise enough to keep the pounds off with all that eating: sounds tantalizing (except some items like tripe and aborted cow fetuses: thank you I gave at the office). I love empanadas, but Nancy does not. So you are already leaving Colombia: it seems it is such a big ciuntry, there should be more to do and see. Miss you ! Love Dad