Thursday, January 26, 2012

In El Salvador, Honduras by the Numbers

First, a quick recap of spending habits in Honduras. Looks like we left the country with about $65, about ten bucks less than we came in with, and withdrew $315 during the six days we were there. That comes to about $54/day, not too bad considering we did a lot in a short time.
Yesterday, however, we had quite an adventure getting to El Salvador. Many of the hotels offer shuttles from Copan to El Salvador, however they were about $30-35 per person. We decided to take public transportation instead. We boarded a bus bound for La Entrada, a major transportation hub, at about ten in the morning. When we got to La Entrada they were calling out that busses were leaving for the border town of El Poy which was where we were heading. We got on it and about twenty minutes in it was apparent the driver was having some trouble with the clutch. We stopped a few times and generally took it slow, arriving at the border around four in the afternoon. Immigration at the Honduras/El Salvador border seemed to give us a bit more trouble than usual, regurgitating dates over and over, when we entered Guatemala, where from, etc etc. By the time we were in El Salvador, we had missed the last bus to the capital. There were a few people waiting by the corner hoping to hitchhike to wherever they needed to go, including a very friendly lady who had just bought a live chicken. After waiting for about 45 minutes we ended up deciding to just spend a night on the border and took a tuk tuk to a hotel. The tuk tuk ride was very affordable at a cost of 35¢. We spent a night in a ridiculously bad hotel with a toothless hotelier. Luckily there was a fifteen year old girl who actually ran the place and seemed to keep the local hooligans in the bar under control. This morning we hopped onto the 5:30 AM bus(after awakening our hotelier to unlock the door) and now we are in Santa Ana, in a very nice hotel, the first of our voyage to have a flat screen tv in the room! Time to go out and have some pupusas!!

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