Sunday, February 5, 2012

Santa Ana to El Tunco

You will have to pardon the delay in updating our loyal readers as we have been very busy avoiding aggressive iguanas and frogs that attack you by peeing in your direction. We spent a few days in Santa Ana, managed to eat some pupusas and try the local firewater, El Chamaco(goes well with coke). We also visited the Teatro, where Sarah explained to me why the seats were set up the way they were. We checked out the Mayan ruins in nearby Tazumal for a day. These are pretty heavily excavated as can be seen by the well cornered cement sides of the pyramid. They did have a neat musuem with a lot of pottery and a very interesting statue (pictures to be on facebook soon). We had also wanted to go to another musuem where a boulder with an Olmec head carved into it is on display(legends of the hidden temple, anyone?), however that musuem was closed for renovation until May. Looks like we will have to come back. We had heard about a very famous sorbet place in Santa Ana, Sorbetes Sin Rival. In speaking to some locals we learned that this business was originally started by two brothers who have since parted ways. Now there is a poor brother who sells sorbet from a push cart and makes everything by hand, and a rich brother who has a shop near they central park. We first found the poor brother with his push cart, and both agreed it was delicious. The next day we went to the rich brother's shop, and I don't think I have ever had a chocolate product that tasted so unlike chocolate. So, should you find yourself in Santa Ana, find the poor brother's push cart and buy some sorbet. After a few days in Santa Ana we decided to go up to Júayua, a small town that has a food festival every weekend. We dined on delicious rabbit and handmade sausage. Additionally they have something of a reptlie zoo/rescue, Reptilandia, where the above picture was taken. The rabbit at the festival was really delicious, and quite filling. After the food festival on Sunday we caught a ride with some other travellers to Suchitoto, an older colonial town and hiked up the river to some secret waterfalls, apparently they weren't a secret to the bats that lived underneath!
After spending the night in Suchitoto we took a quadruple chicken bus voyage to get to El Tunco, a small, somewhat touristy, surfer beach near La Libertad. We have basically been relaxing, earing burritos and ceviche, and occasionally waking up before 9:00AM. Anyways, check facebook later today, I am going to try and upload a bunch of pictures from El Salvador and some from Copan, tomorrow we head to San Salvador to buy tickets to Nicaragua later this week.

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