Wednesday, January 11, 2012


We are hanging out in Flores, working hard in our hammocks. We have hunted out some good prices for our trip to El Mirador, however to get a good price we have to wait for there to be a group of five or six hikers in total. Even at that size it basically is double our budget, so we are keeping the spending down in the meantime. Lounging in the hammock, playing by the docks, hanging out in the Parque Central, generally roughing it in our lakeside paradise. To get to Flores we took a chicken bus to Guatemala city, and then a more luxurious bus overnight to get here. We had originally intended to go to the railroad musuem in Guatemala, but it is closed on Mondays. We did end up eating our least expensive dinner yet, $1 US each for fried chicken, rice, soup, and a fruit drink. Anyways, back to Flores, this morning I had a strange experience. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Guatemalan showers, there isn't really a water heater in the sense of a large boiler style tank, instead there is an electrical box near the showerhead with a bunch of wires going into the showerhead. I assume there is some sort of heating element in the showerhead that heats the water as it passes through. Needless to say, these wires are not grounded, and appear to be installed by an eight year old masquerading as an electrician. This morning I was wondering why one part of my elbow was numb when it was getting wet. Turns out, when I held my hand close to the showerhead, there was a fair amount of electricity shocking me. I don't think it was enough to cause any real damage, but it certainly was enough to convince me not to do that again. So, if you have a pacemaker, perhaps Guatemala isn't the best place for you. Oh, and we also found out that on our hike to El Mirador, there's poisonous snakes and aggressive monkeys, we will be sure to take plenty of pictures!!!

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