Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Soft Drinks

Here you have it folks, a 3.3 liter bottle of Mega Big Cola, only ten quetzales, or about $1.30. This would be a Central American response to Coca Cola, much cheaper and reasonably tasty. Last night was a very busy night for the Quetzaltecos. It was a night of celebration for the Virgen de Guadalupe, which we learned is actually a celebration of a Mexican finding an image of Guadalupe in the mountains near his village 500 years ago. There was a procession through the Parque Central and enough fireworks to deafen the generation. The interesting thing about fireworks in Guatemala is that they are shot off from the middle of the street while everyone is standing on the sidewalk ten feet away. It seemed as if the trees were all going to catch on fire, yet the fire brigade was nowhere to be found. Luckily there were no mishaps and Sarah was very excited to be so close to the action. Before the fireworks we had taken a field trip to a very small village which is famous for its church "de colores." It is very brightly colored, and is the only catholic church decorated in this manner. Up the hill a little bit there is another church, but of the local indigenous faith, and it is decorated very similarly. After dinner and doing some homework we went to a local bar, Pool Y Beer, because a friend was heading back to Ireland.

This afternoon we got to teach English to a handful of children being raised by single mothers. It was difficult since they were all at different levels as well as different ages. I found it interesting that some of them were able to write but couldn't yet read. Regardless, we taught them numbers and a few key phrases, next week we might play bingo. Now it's time to get to my homework. ¡Hasta luego!

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