Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Relaxing in Guatemala

Here we are in Quetzaltenango. Yesterday we checked into our hostel, the Black Cat hostel. We had a few drinks last night and talked to some other travellers. We decided to come here before going to Antigua because Antigua is farther south. This morning we had a very hearty breakfast and went to a variety of different language schools. After "interviewing" several of them we think we have decided on a school called El Portal, it is run by two single moms and is a non-profit. They also have an associated organization where we can help local kids, etc. In addition, we stopped by an English school where we may try to teach some English during our time here. All the language schools have afternoon and weekend activities, so it looks like we will be doing some salsa dancing, cooking, weaving, going to markets, and visiting sihts with local guides. It also seems like some of them have weekend excursions to other cities so we may not necessarily stay in other towns after Quetzaltenango and just go for a weekend here and there. We will also get to stay with a local family near the school which should be a learning experience in itself. We also just bought a local SIM card for our phone and received calls are free for us, let us know if you want the number.

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