Thursday, December 8, 2011

In School in Xela

Life is a learning experience. We have had our first day of school, and I definitely feel out of practice. It has been quite some time since I was in school and today started off with something of a test to determine our level of Spanish knowledge. Then we launched right into it. Sarah has apparently created an agreement with her teacher where if her Spanish improves to the point where it is better than mine, she is going to bake him cookies. Needless to say, her competitive spirit lives on. It is very intense learning a language in a one on one setting for five hours a day, but it seems to be very effective as well. I guess we will see in a week or so. The school also has activities in the afternoon, today Sarah and I took a salsa class. Sarah thinks I did an excellent job salsa dancing.

We are living in the home of one of the women who started the school. Her husband and 11 year old daughter live there, as well as another student. It provides a good environment to be immersed, and her daughter speaks even faster than Sarah speaks in English, something that was prior thought to be impossible. We have our own room with a door to the roof so we could get a tan if we really wanted to. However, Xela is more of a mountain town. We are about 2300 meters above sea level, so it gets into the sixties during the day and gets close to freezing, if not below, during the night. We would put up a picture or two, but it seems we have lost the attachment to load pictures. If we can find one, we will put them online soon. ¡Hasta luego!

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