Sunday, September 2, 2012

Peru by the Numbers

Sorry for the delay folks, due to long posting times from ATM withdrawals and being too occupied with eating choripan, I have finally finished the Peruvian by the numbers today. Peru was an interesting country in that for the first two weeks or so we were under budget pretty much every day. This was primarily due to being at beaches and not doing a whole lot. However, once in Lima, we were basically at budget every day, and Cuzco really started to put us over with the extremely touristy stuff. The bus tickets from Lima to Cuzco alone were over $50 US per person. On the whole, we entered Peru with $72, withdrew $2796, and then exited the country with $321. You might ask why we left the country with so much money, we needed to buy visas to enter Bolivia at the border, and they only accept cash, $135 per person. So our total spend in Peru was $2548, which comes out to $59.25 per day across 43 days. That said, if you come to Peru to just visit the beaches you could easily spend a lot less, if you come to Peru and only do touristy, Machu Picchu type stuff, you could easily spend a lot more. Either way, I think we got a great mix of ruins, beaches, culture and ceviche. And here are a few pictures from Machu Picchu as a reminder.

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