Friday, September 14, 2012

More Cochabamba

Hello again, and happy Cochabamba revolution day! Today is the 14th of Septiembre, celebrating Cochabamba's independence. Aside from our normal tourist activities we have watched numerous parades and marching bands go by. Since we last wrote, we have caught up on some local musuems. We went to the Cochabamba archaeology musuem which had a lot of neat fossils, as well as some very well preserved mummies! These mummies looked to have been folded with their knees tucked under their chins and put into baskets. We have heard that families would sometimes carry their dead like this for quite some time and to large family gatherings so the dead and the living could all be together. Sarah even remarked upon how short these ancient Bolivians must have been. After seeing the mummies we decided to update ourselves in the musuem of medical technology. This has numerous tools and machines dating back to about 1920. They have all kinds of x-ray machines, EKGs, dental drills, doctor bags, etc that have been in use in the region. It seems that Bolivia buys a lot of used machinery as some of the machines have labels in Spanish, some in English, some in Italian, and many other languages.
Yesterday we went to the musuem of natural history, which has replicas of many of the animals of Bolivia, and a few frogs. There is a very neat looking frog from Lake Titicaca that smiled at us! We also went to the movie theater in the wealthier area of town and saw the Bourne Legacy. Due to the holiday, there was quite a lot of activity yesterday and Sarah got her picture taken with a Bolivian Air Force representative.

We also saw two parades, with marching bands of questionable quality. This morning we went down to the bus station to buy our tickets to Sucre for tonight and on the way back we bought another local delicacy, taguatagua. It's a sort of fried pastry lightly covered in caramel and obviously delicious. Anywaya, tonight we catch the bus to Sucre, should be an interesting 12 hour ride with no baño on board. We will let you know how it goes!!

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