Monday, April 16, 2012

We are Mud People!!!

So here we are, at the local mud volcano outside of Cartagena. It isn't actually a volcano, but a mountain of mud. The mud is made up of ancient and decomposing plant matter which slowly bubbles to the surface. Due to the ongoing chemical decomposition, the mud is warm, and very thick. It's impossible to sink in this mud because it is so dense, almost like the opposite of quicksand. Massages are available for a very reasonable $3000 COP. We would definitely recommend the mud volcano to anyone who is coming to Cartagena. The next day we went to another musuem in town, the Museo de la Inquisicion. This musuem had many replicas and originals of the tools used during the inquisition, as well as some other interesring exhibits. We learned how suspected witches were weighed and measured to determine their witchiosity, as well as the questions they were asked. There were also several torturing devices on display, none of which looked very comfortable. We especially enjoyed the device which removed your leg bones from your legs while you were still living. The musuem also had some exhibits about the indigenous pre-Colombian people, as well as a temporary exhibit about a Colombian painter.
This evening we are going to catch the night bus to Medellin. It is a 12-14 hour ride, so we should get in sometime tomorrow morning. Medellin looks to be very interesting, once the stronghold of Colombian drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar, it appears to have made a miraculous recovery after his death in the early 90's. We have heard that 40% of all government expenditure goes to education, which no doubt has played a large role in the city's renaissance. Since we are about three weeks ahead of schedule at this point, we will most likely be taking an extended stay there, but we will keep you posted!

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