Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Las Lajas to El Valle

Boca Brava, where we last wrote to you, is an island surrounded by several other small islands. A day or so after our last blog entry I got the bright idea of swimming to a nearby island for excercise. Turns out the current is very strong and I had to swim back to Boca Brava as I was being pushed towards the mainland. Anyways, we did the same routine in reverse to get back to the Panamerican and continued to a practically uninhabited beach town, Las Lajas. We spent a few days at a hotel called El Refugio, just us and about 500 geckos, including the one who got spit out of the air conditioning when we turned it on! The beach is very broad as you can see in the photo above. It was basically empty, we only saw a few other people there despite there being parking spots for hundreds for cars, all empty. Anyways, it is a very nice beach, seems like it's probably a popular day trip destination for locals on the weekend.
This morning we left Las Lajas for another jaunt down the Panamerican to El Valle. We have checked in and are eating dinner at a diner owned by a Canadian couple. The owners have a pet monkey who likes been and vodka! Tomorrow we are going to a reptile/amphibian sanctuary, and will probably check out a few other places around town. We will keep you posted!

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